Dear DeeDee, which projects increase a home’s value the most?

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Here’s some great tips on which projects have the greatest chance of increasing your home’s selling price.

(These statistics are from the March 16, 2016 issue of Consumer Reports)

  1. The kitchen is still top on the list. You don’t need to replace the entire kitchen to make it look fresh. Stainless steel appliances, durable quartz countertops, refinished cabinets and new hardware can make your kitchen look like new and can potentially increase the selling price by an average of 4 – 6%.
  2. Replace your old carpeting with durable, easier to take care of, hard wood floors. This change has the potential to increase your price by an average of 3 – 5%.
  3. Paint your home in pleasing neutral tones with high quality paint for a potential increase of 1 – 2%.
  4. Don’t forget the outdoors. Freshen up you’re home’s exterior by painting or getting new siding, paint the front door, and neaten up the garden. Here in California, a drought tolerant, water smart yard is very desirable. Increasing curb appeal can potentially add 3 – 5% to your home’s selling price.