For Sellers

I have a few great links for those of you looking to sell your home, plus a few images for you to look at that provide useful information.

The first is my free seller’s guide. Don’t worry, I know a lot of you are just starting the process and I’m   NOT going to spam you with emails. It’s my goal help as many people as possible with the home selling process in a no stress enviornment. I’m honestly just providing information for you to use.

The next is my blog. There’s a lot of useful information here, updated and timely!!

In my experience there are three main factors to consider when selling your home.

  1. Location    We can’t control this one, but we can control the other two…
  2. Price
  3. Presentation

Let’s face it, price is one of the key factors on how quickly your home sells. Going a little below market value can even help generate a bidding war for your property.

One of other most important factors in how quickly your home sells is curb appeal or presentation.