I love helping buyers find a new home, and relish the challenge this competitive market can bring.

Door knocking, sending letters, and networking with other agents are just some of the tools I use to help find you the perfect home, especially if there’s nothing ideal on the market yet.

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One of the main concerns I see for buyers right now is the effect of increasing interest rates on their purchasing power. The following graph illustrates how much house you can afford at different interest rates if you want your monthly payment to be around $3,700/month.


Many homebuyers assume they need to have 20% down to own a home, but this isn’t the case!!! There are so many loan options out there. Consider doing a HELOC (home equity line of credit) to avoid the PMI payment. There are also a lot of great first time home buyers programs offered through mortgage brokers out there, many of which will help with closing costs or let you put a much smaller downpayment down. I’ve seen as low as 3% down. Yes, you’d be paying PMI if you don’t get a HELOC too, but it’s still better than paying someone else’s mortgage by renting. Also, when you build up enough equity, you can refi and get that PMI taken away if you have an FHA loan or just get the PMI cancelled for conventional loans.


Let’s face it, renting isn’t increasing your wealth. It’s increasing someone else’s. Why pay someone’s mortgage for them?

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